The Path to Happiness is a Twisting Road


I’ve been on a quest to learn to be happy.  It’s been made easier with the coming of Spring, and then Summer, because of the sunshine.  I’ve noticed sunshine is the most major thing that brings me joy.

I’ve been almost daily emerged in the re-wiring of my brain and soul by embracing those things that make me happy and then doing them, and also with power tapping (which I think has to do with the new way to look at issues that it brings), positive affirmations and prayers.

Also, I’m learning the reality of the principle of sowing and reaping that Jesus and the Bible taught (known also as karma, or a bit like kismit – it’s a universal rule of creation)  brings clarity to my daily life and the areas in which I’d want to emphasize.  That is, I WILL get back what I give out, as sure as the crops rise in Spring, the Sun leaves every evening to bring in the night, and my next breath.  Practicing this and keeping it in my remembrance helps me see the importance of generosity, charity, forgiveness (which is actually just when done properly, not unjust as the World teaches it should be done), and striving for my and others’ happiness as the key to receiving blessings.  The lessons of sowing and reaping actually keep my feet feeling more firmly on the ground and gives me a solid direction.

I’ve had days of real sadness, which often were brought on by exhaustion from physically pushing myself too hard with my CFS/Fibromyalgia.  When that happens my body breaks down and, therefore, I also have difficulty with emotional stabilization.  I become weepy and notice all the ‘negatives’ in my life, but when I’m stronger I can overcome them more easily by either tackling them in small chunks or by determining that other issues aren’t worth the energy worrying about.

But the bad days don’t become overwhelming and I know at the time that they’re just temporary.  I used to think at those times that I was having a bad life, now I see them more and more as just having bad days.

I’m learning so much through the ups and downs of the last few months and there are a few topics I’d like to explore further here in future posts.  My aim is for the default of my days to be happy ones, and the sad/dark/scary ones be the abnormal and occasional, and then those even fading lighter and lighter in disturbance.

I wish for all who read this a wonderful day and tomorrow, and may good things happen for you.



9 thoughts on “The Path to Happiness is a Twisting Road

  1. Hi Prarie Girl:)

    I am so happy to see a new blog post from you. Recently on Lucky Otters blog, I left a ‘shout out’ to both you and Katie in a comment I left because I hadnt seen anything from you in the longest time. I thought about writing you(Im assuming I can do that under the ‘contact’ header of this blog), but, I was unable to properly search your blog in my wordpress app. It was like it wasnt working. I couldn’t find your blog and Lucky thought that both you and Katie had both stopped blogging so I thought I would never get to speak to either of you again. And then I was happy that I got to know the both of you for the period of time that I did because you helped to change my life. I felt less alone in the world. But now here is another new post from you so I know you havent gone and I am happy about that. Do you know about Katie?

    Let me tell you something…Ive been kind of isolated out here in KY(I came for the low cost of living being on disability pay). As much as I go to church and talk to my neighbors, make a friend or two, and even adopted a puppy, I am lonely. I had one blind date and the guy wasnt right for me, but now, I might have another:) Anyway, my family has actually been very good to me and for awhile now. Financial help and good advice. I decided that the main problem I had had with my narc mother was that I had been using a psychic on a regular basis, talking on the phone with her in various homes of mine including my mothers. I think I let evil spirits into the home because it did seem like people were turning on me. I think thats what happened with my narc mom, she became possessed for a time. So Im moving back to my mothers house, believe it or not, just for her company, as I dont like living alone. Plus I can save the most money. She is going to help me to become further independent in case I dont meet another husband. I wish I never left the one I had. He was actually a good guy. And of course Im not going to use the psychic anymore.

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    • Hi, Ruby!! So glad to hear from you!

      I was just taking a break for awhile and, no, I don’t know how Katie’s been doing. You two and Lynda have all been the reason I’ve been doing so much better now. You all were really there for me when I was going through a transition in my life from pain and anguish to beginning to sort things out the first time in my life.

      I am so glad that you’ve been getting help with guidance and finances. That’s great that your mother is helping you get independent! What a blessing that is, whether God has a husband for you or not!

      I guess you’ve figured out the dangers of those who contact familiar spirits, etc. to gain information on other people (psychics). That’s such a low-energy level thing that I can see it messing up the relationship with your other family members, if not your relationship with God. So I’m happy to hear you’ve removed yourself from it!

      I’ve saw a guy a few times but he also wasn’t for me. I’m so quick to reject guys now (nicely) as soon as I see that we’re not a fit. I’d still like a husband but I’m growing so much right now that I don’t mind if it takes a little longer if it has to.

      I am so glad you’ve been doing well! Please say hi to your puppy for me!

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    • Hi Ruby! It’s good to see you here. I miss Katie, too. I hope and pray she is doing ok.

      I agree with what you and Prairie Girl said here about the dangers of consulting psychics. I had some very bad experiences with that sort of thing, many years ago. The Bible warns against those things for good reason.

      God bless ❤

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  2. Yaaaaay!! It’s so great to see you posting again.

    Having some bad days instead of a bad life — I love that. More and more, I see my life as wonderfully blessed, even factoring in all the really horrific experiences. If I needed to go through all that grief, in order to obtain the peace in my soul and the peace in my life today, it has been worth it. Really, truly worth it!

    It is so important, when feeling better, to not allow yourself to overdo. And yet it’s hard not to overdo, when it’s been so long since you felt up to doing things. I know that feeling well.

    When you feel like doing it, I would love to read a post expanding on your idea of a proper and just forgiveness. I have gone round and round with forgiveness!! For years, I refused to forgive where there was no genuine repentance. I felt that forgiving someone who had grievously sinned against me, when they had never said they were sorry or tried to set things right, was a betrayal of myself.

    But now, thanks to my neurofeedback opening my eyes to how much is truly beyond our conscious control when it comes to simply being able to think clearly, I find it much easier to forgive my unrepentant abusers in the way that Christ forgave those who crucified Him: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

    Even so, I feel that I have a lot yet to learn about forgiveness!

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    • Lol… in my second paragraph I meant to say “If I needed to go through all that grief, in order to obtain the peace in my soul and the blessings in my life today, it has been worth it.” The art of writing is rewriting…. not rereading after a comment is posted and it’s too late to rewrite it. 😀

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    • Yeah, I’d love to write a bit on forgiveness. I kept getting side-swiped by what others say about it that even when I read the Bible I would infuse their definition into what the Bible said, even though that’s NOT what the plain words of the Bible was saying. Ever done that? It’s a constant battle to just hear what the Bible means to say and not what others’ say it means. I’m still learning but I now feel I have a satisfying grasp on it for now. Part of it is also what you mentioned, that how easy we’ve misunderstood things or thought funny on things, even when we didn’t know we were, and knowing it’s often the same for others also. It’s a big topic so hopefully you’ll share what you’ve learned too when I write it.

      I’m so glad you’re experiencing peace and happiness! You truly deserve it!

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  3. I have missed hearing from you via posts, PG. From the sounds of this and the fact you have taken time out I am hopeful that happiness has been growing for you. I think of you from time to time and wonder how you are so I just linked to this from another post. Love Deborah

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  4. It’s so nice to hear from you, Deborah. It’s also nice to see that Ruby’s been around, too, to like your comment.

    I’ve found myself taking time off. I’ve been working on learning to enjoy my life, which is touch and go, and writing of that hasn’t been natural so far. I may return to it soon. I will visit your blog soon as I haven’t been to mine or anyone’s for months. I hope you’re doing well!

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