Creating a New Narrative

I’m okay on my own.  I’m more me when I’m away from family members.  I felt distorted and inwardly dismembered when I came away from them, and felt like those interactions handed me an inner dark cloud that took a day or more to wash out.

I could never win with them, the narratives handed to us as children bled into adulthood.  I don’t have the strength to sort it out, sort it out with them when they don’t have the similar desire to.  And why would they?  Those narratives always benefited them.

Now I see that I don’t have the strength to do so because it was never a job I was required to perform.  I’m free to create a new and more factual narrative of my life, even if it’s only shared with myself and new people in my life who will resonate with who I truly am.






6 thoughts on “Creating a New Narrative

  1. I was telling my neurofeedback therapist about you, Prairie Girl, and the benefits you are getting from EFT and positive affirmations. He agreed that EFT and affirmations are very effective. I also told him that I believe you are doing it on your own, although I’m not sure about that. He said, “Wow, if she can do that on her own, she must be a very strong person.” I told him I would tell you what he said. 🙂 ❤

    At the recommendation of my neurofeedback therapist, I recently purchased a brain entrainment device that is produced by a Canadian therapist who also does neurofeedback treatment for people with trauma issues, chronic fatigue, and other cognitive, stress, and psychological issues. I don't know if this therapist is anywhere near you, but you might want to check out his website,

    Speaking of brain entrainment, I am going to go do that right now…

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    • I looked up the website. He’s in a different province altogether but the devices sure look interesting. I will be asking you in awhile when you’ve put it to good use how your device is working for you. You can be my guinea pig. 🙂

      Yes, I’m doing the EFT “alone”, but not really because I use Youtube videos. That’s so neat what your therapists said! For me, the affirmations have been revolutionary in how I choose to speak to myself. I’ve been having positive feelings about life that I’ve never had before in all my years.

      Much blessings to you. ❤

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