Learning to Love Myself is the Beginning of Being Happy


I used to never be able to love myself, never even wanted to say it without feeling gross inside.

Now I know I have to, and it’s time.

I’ve pushed aside the inner me, my soul, for too long and it’s been crying to be noticed.

It was the only thing that was there for me my whole life, the innermost part of me that denied the insults that came at me, that told me I was okay when I was told by others that I wasn’t.

Those who’s voices wanted to bring me down still got inside me, though, and slowly I began to push aside the inner me.  It kept telling me I was okay the way I was and but I suppressed that voice because I felt I needed to be different so maybe others would accept me.

But because I was getting further from that voice I was becoming more anxious and afraid, thereby becoming increasingly less acceptable to others.  I became a worse state than when I started.

It’s been crying in my lately.  I now feel protective of it, so grateful that it had always been there for me, so grateful to God that He gave me that part of myself that would always be on my side and tell me the truth when everyone else lied about me.

I am now committed to learning to love myself and protect that inner me that has always been loyal to me.  THIS is the key to enduring happiness, first to love myself.  Then I can love others, calmly and with inner stability.


9 thoughts on “Learning to Love Myself is the Beginning of Being Happy

  1. I like reading your posts very much. Your positivism and reflections on your inner self are very much appreciated, it is so nice to read and understand what you mean by it. I like your front page image of the barn on the prairie, it fits in what I read at the blog. Thank you for sharing.

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