Gratitude – Having More Than Enough

I find myself in the habit of always focusing on what I don’t have and feel anxiety when thinking of those things I want or need.  I’ve been doing this almost all my life so to think differently is going to take a lot of practice.

I’m taking more intention in practicing the Biblical law of sowing and reaping and leaving to God the needs that I have prayed for, but these things also need a certain positive frame of mind.  I’m learning that I can get that frame of mind easier by focusing on how I’m already provided for.

With my chronic illness others would see my position as very lowly.  I choose to see the actual reality of things, which is that I actually have more than enough of many things.  I may not have money to buy new clothes every season, but I do have clothes for every season that look nice and reflect my personality.  I may have a small home but it still has more rooms than I need, making it feel spacious to me.

I find certain people so critical and negative, always finding fault with others and looking for ways to feel superior to them, that I would do wrong to anticipate how my life might look to other people.  My life is humble but I do better to remind myself that I’m actually doing alright and that God has already shown His kindness and provision to me.

So, for many of us the thought of “I have more than enough” isn’t an affirmation of hope for future abundance, it can also be a practice of seeing what we have now with new eyes and happy gratitude.





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