Energy Tapping and the Gym – A New Spring in My Step

gym-2048x1365.jpgA couple of days ago I wrote how I was going to buy a month’s gym membership as a way to avoid falling back into smoking as a way to feel better.  I’ve been very low energy for several months with the last few months being very bad.

The problems wasn’t only CFS/Fibro but also a general sense of lack of purpose and of having little hope that things could be better for my life.  Contact with my family over the holidays made things worse and I had gotten pretty low.  There was one thing that kept coming up in my mind when thinking of how I was feeling – I felt very low energy not just in my body but also in my whole being.

I couldn’t get the gym membership yesterday as it was Sunday so I had to wait.  I watched some motivational videos, not something that I usually do but it sure was helpful.  I had to remind myself that the way my life looks now is temporary and that I’d be able to find the mindset again to start turning things around once more.  But I needed to find the energy, even the energy of the mind, to make it happen.

While searching through Youtube videos I came across some energy tapping videos.  In short, energy tapping is a process of increasing energy flow by tapping strategic parts of the body while also making positive affirmations.  It sounds New Agey, and it certainly can be, but I’m more interested in the practical side of it.  I knew there was a problem with my energy flow and I’d thought I’d give it a try.  It really seemed to have helped!  At least for today.  I’ll keep trying it in order to see if it was just today or if it will be something that will continuously help.

I just felt calmer, more positive, and in control.  I got my gym membership and walked for 20 minutes on the treadmill and did a few arm exercises in the weight section.  There was only one other person there at that time of day so it was very relaxing.  I then went to the grocery store and the health store and got some cleansing and nutritional  foods I love that will help move me away from the carb cravings.

Needing to smoke didn’t cross my mind and I think that’s all behind me now.  I’m thinking I need to start combating the oppressive restraining feelings I’ve had all my life because of my past in the same way that I fought to quit smoking.  I want to know what it’d feel like to be free from it and to finally feel some happiness.  And I think it’s time.



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