Video: Dissociation and the Freeze Response

This video is from the Youtube channel “BA Recovery”.  The presenter (I still haven’t caught her name!) has incredible insight into much of narcissism and psychopathy, and those who’ve been abused by individuals with those personality disorders, all with a strong Christian perspective.

I wanted to share this particular video because it it speaks of a topic that not many get into but helps survivors of childhood abuse and trauma to know many of their present-day experiences are shared by others.


10 thoughts on “Video: Dissociation and the Freeze Response

  1. I’m liking this post, although I haven’t watched the video yet. From what you’ve said here, this is a video I definitely want to see. But first, I need to put on my coat and let the dogs out and back in… it’s chilly outside this morning. Then I will come back and watch the video. 🙂

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  2. Oh my goodness…

    A couple of times while I was watching the video, I actually caught myself dissociating. Both times, when I realized this, I went back and listened to the parts I had missed. One part was rather lengthy. It was kind of shocking to realize that my brain had checked out for that many minutes!

    Like you said, she has amazing insight.

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    • Yes, I thought many of us would be able to relate to this video! I thought it would be good to show a video that describes dissociating so it doesn’t sound so ‘scary’ and shows how common and normal-like it is for many people.

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    • Just talking about it can make me start to float away. Dissociation is scary, to me, at times. That “leaving” sensation can become disturbing. So, I have not finished the video yet. I want to, but cannot yet. I’m proud you made it through and then went back!!

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