Video: Dissociation and the Freeze Response

This video is from the Youtube channel “BA Recovery”.  The presenter (I still haven’t caught her name!) has incredible insight into much of narcissism and psychopathy, and those who’ve been abused by individuals with those personality disorders, all with a strong Christian perspective.

I wanted to share this particular video because it it speaks of a topic that not many get into but helps survivors of childhood abuse and trauma to know many of their present-day experiences are shared by others.


Healing From Childhood Abuse – My Lesson #2

I placed the paper in the door mail slot.  The friendly secretary of the business I was dealing with needed a document from me and had asked me to drop it in the empty office’s door slot and she would retrieve it later that day.  Past the slot lid the paper didn’t seem to drop much and a part of it was still sticking up.  I placed my hand in to try to push or slide it down a bit further, ignoring the light pain on the back of my hand from something sticking out on the metal of the slot lid.  From the back sharp edge of the lid or one of the wire springs?  I don’t know because I ignored the fact I was being injured, I was just intent that what I thought needed be done should get done.

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Healing From Childhood Abuse – My Lesson #1

When I walk for exercise or to reach a destination, when I stand to speak to someone or to wait in line, when I sit in public to wait or rest, I am used to doing these things with a spirit of not wanting to take up too much space.  I inwardly shrink, which sometimes reflects in my posture and, I fear, a stance of submission that others may pick up on.  Unfortunately, I have experienced this stance to be exploited often, as have many others who were abused as children.

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Video: Narcissists Are Uncooperative for Intentional and Unintentional Reasons (Understanding Narcissists)


The above video from the Youtube channel “Understanding Narcissists” has great points and ideas all the way through it, but I do want to bring up the part of the video from 12 minutes on as I think it’s something so many of us who’ve been brought up by narcissists need to hear and/or be reminded of.

I also find the comment section for this Youtube channel to always be great.  There’s as much to relate there as there is in the videos themselves.


Reblog: Learning normal, prayer as a help to healing — Dreams of a better world blog

Several weeks ago I quit the small bible study I was involved with because I didn’t relate to the married people in it. I blogged about that decision, a decision I made with grief but with a desire to protect myself from more pain. I felt that my life was painful enough without adding […]

via Learning normal, prayer as a help to healing — Dreams of a better world blog

*My note – I’ve reblogged this post from Katie of the Dreams of a Better World blog because it holds so many lessons I’m also learning about keeping my personal life personal.  I found I wore my worries on my face and would tell people things I was worried about as, I hoped, a way to lesson my anxiety.  Now I know to put a natural smile on my face and afford myself a position of dignity and self-respect.  This had an added benefit in that I became less anxious when out in public and dealing with others.