Shared Post: Trauma from narcissistic abuse — Dreams of a better world blog

The word trauma has become such a loaded one. I’m pondering it after seeing a fairly judgmental post on Facebook implying that people have become very weak because they seem to get traumatized about everything. Facebook is a piece of social media I mostly hate because of the pain it causes me. That post was […]

via Trauma from narcissistic abuse — Dreams of a better world blog

Katie from the blog “Dreams of a better wold” writes wonderfully and has personal experience with the world of mental health therapists, both as someone involved in the area of therapy and also as someone who’s been injured by it.  In fact, one of her interests is to make it known the damage that the mental health profession may do to its many patients.

This post of hers I’m featuring here involves the topic of PTSD.  I’ve been studying the subject for the last couple of days and wanted to write a post on it, but Katie did one first, and thank goodness!  She is knowledgeable on the subject where I’d be halting in my delivery of what I’d learn.

My personal thoughts will be in the “Dreams of a better world”‘s  comment section, which is where I’d like to direct my readers’ comments to as well.  See you there!



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