Understanding Narcissism – “How Narcissists Live Day to Day” – Video

This is Scott from the Understanding Narcissists Youtube channel.  He has great information in his videos but I also enjoy his delivery – very organized and calmly spoken.

I watched a great amount of his videos, along with other Youtubers who speak on the subject, around 6 months ago when I was new to the terminology and description of narcissism (although, unfortunately, not to narcissists themselves).  Scott remains one of my favourites.

This video of his is called “How Narcissists Live Day to Day”.  In it he describes my mother but he is EXACTLY describing my oldest sister.  She is a piece of work, that one.  My mother you have to walk on eggshells around to avoid raging but my sister you want to take a shower after being around her, the black greasy feeling of evil off of her is that thick.  I will write of my sister in the future because I had a run-in with her a few months ago and still haven’t recovered from and it still makes me feel sick to recall the event.  I went no-contact with her right after that.

So, here’s the video, I hope the information interests and helps you as much as it does me.


2 thoughts on “Understanding Narcissism – “How Narcissists Live Day to Day” – Video

  1. Thanks for sharing this! This is a resource I didn’t know about and so enlightening. This quote… ” the illusion requires you to destroy yourself” is a good point. And he is right you can never reach the summit. He says they don’t like the word narcissist, they don’t like to apply it to themselves but they are happy to apply to their victims. I have seen absolute narcs take that word and label others with it, creating a lying story line about reality. There have been about 4 narcs in my life that had real influence over my life including a boss, my mother and 2 husbands.
    The 2 malignant narcs in that group weren’t trying to find love, love was meaningless to them. Love was weakness and a vulnerability and a word used to exploit people. Love is something they had contempt for their only quest was to “win” dominate, crush, confuse, and ruin people. THey got really good at it too
    I remember my mom saying something like “money is power and power is all that matters’ So the people in her life were objects to move around in pursuit of that power. They sear their consciences in the process

    I think seared consciences not only remove empathy but take away the power to love or the desire for it. the continual denial of humanity in the pursuit of power over others turns them into machines. (like the Borg, if you know the Star Trek reference)

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  2. I’m glad you liked it – he’s got some real food for thought in his videos.

    Love must be academic to them. In their attempt to copy something they don’t feel they translate it to “doing nice things for others”. So they are great do-gooders, loudly volunteering for activity-centered organizations that are “cool” (the local hiking club, a “run-for-the-cure”) rather than in something where they rub elbows with actual people with real needs. They let everyone know how they put themselves out for one of their children rather than just going and doing it quietly like most people would because it comforts them that their child’s needs are being met.

    Isn’t it funny how we all seem to know more than one narcissist? I know you and others have already written on it and i think it so curious that we’re narcissist magnets. I do believe, on top of us coming across injured without knowing it, that there’s a spiritual component to it.


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