A Guide for Healthy Interactions with Others – Video.

When you’re from a dysfunctional family, especially when you were the scapegoat, you may not have learned how to interact with others in the same way that most people do.  Even in adulthood there is a personal confusion and questions like, “What don’t I get here?  What am I doing wrong?” as you struggle to navigate yourself socially and in relationships.

I came across this video and found it to be extremely helpful and offer it here in case it will be of help to anyone else.  It’s from the Jef Gazley Youtube channel – “Dysfunctional Families: Healthy Family Rules”


3 thoughts on “A Guide for Healthy Interactions with Others – Video.

  1. Hi Prarie Girl,
    Before I got better, I think my biggest problem during social interaction was I took words said so darn literally. I missed the innuendos and what the person was really trying to tell me. It’s not my fault, it came from how I was raised and the people I was surrounded by. But with this awareness, I can continue to work at it and make it even better.

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    • It’s great that we can find the tools withing this online community to improve our ways of interacting with the world and others around us.

      It’s interesting that you say you missed the innuendos. I’m the opposite where I’m hyper-vigilant and see and hear every single nuance in trying to determine what I think they REALLY mean behind the words they’re choosing on the surface. But like you, I’m improving quite a bit.

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      • I guess you could say my comprehension was impaired. Even on English tests I scored high in every area except for comprehension. That was always very lacking.

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